Welcome to our new Queen, who will be crowned on 3rd June: 

Hi, my name is Victoria, and I am 14 years old and currently in year 9 at Kirkham Grammar School. I have lived in Garstang all my life and have always been involved in the Children’s Festival. 

My GCSE options are, Art photography, Geography, Religious Studies, and DT product design, including all three sciences which are compulsory. My dream job would be a successful veterinary nurse then possibly specialise into being an Equine vet. My main and favourite sport is horse-riding where I am a member of Lancaster Pony Club and enjoy testing my limits in show jumping.

Although I may be nervous, I am very excited to be crowned Garstang and District Festival Queen especially with it being the 150 th anniversary of the Children’s Festival. On top of all this excitement I am also honoured to be sharing my crowning with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend celebrating her reign of 75 years!

I will hopefully see you all there and celebrate such an important and fun event.

Victoria x


A few words from our retiring Queen: 

I would firstly like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my time as Garstang Festival Queen. I was crowned in 2019 and due to Covid restrictions I finally retire this year.

During my time as queen I attended many field days and galas with my retinue and would like to take this opportunity to thank the neighbouring villages for inviting us, and for my retinue for supporting me through each one of them. We weren’t always lucky with the weather but enjoyed it never the less.

As Queen I was given the opportunity to switch on the 2019 Christmas lights, and attended the Garstang tractor run and the Scarecrow festival in my role.

I would like to thank Roisin and Niamh Quigg, Abbie Wilkinson, Harry and Hollie Scambler, and Marianne Barnes for being a fabulous retinue, attending the galas and always looking great. I would ask like to thank Janet Worthington for her kind support and all the help she gave and the hard work she puts in to making it a day to remember.

Finally, it has been an honour to be Garstang Festival Queen and I hope Victoria enjoys it as much as I have, and the sun shines on her special day.




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